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Ritch & Conolly Reopens Offices, Launches New Website
9 July 2020
Company News

Ritch & Conolly is pleased to announce that it has reopened its offices following the lifting of the ‘shelter in place’ regulations imposed by the Cayman Islands Government due to the threat of COVID-19. All non-essential businesses were required to close from 25 March to 22 June 2020. The firm’s attorneys and other professionals continued to serve existing clients and accept new instructions during the ‘lockdown’, having seamlessly transitioned to working remotely, and now back to working in our offices at Queensgate House, George Town, Grand Cayman.

In equally important news, the firm has also launched its new website, on which this announcement is being viewed. The new website offers many advantages over the previous, including full tablet and smartphone compatibility, streamlined navigation options, improved security, and new features for contacting and sharing details of members of the firm.

At the same time, the new website is a work in progress, as we move to the second phase of the project which will include rewriting and updating most of the content. We encourage you to check back with us periodically as we continue this work, and hope you will find our new website to be more user-friendly, accessible, functional, and secure.

The Cayman Islands Government is to be commended for the excellent job it has done of steering the jurisdiction through the COVID-19 pandemic. At the date of this announcement, Cayman ranks sixth in the world for per-capita testing, and is fortunate to have only three individuals with COVID-19, all of whom are asymptomatic and in mandatory isolation. This enviable position has allowed Cayman to embark upon a phased internal reopening of its economy and society, safely and with a high degree of confidence, much earlier than most other jurisdictions. Our physical isolation as an island territory similarly allows us to eradicate the virus within our borders, which will remain closed until further notice.

For the time being, the firm’s attorneys and other professionals will continue to utilise e-meeting, teleconferencing, and e-mail facilities as the primary means of communicating with clients and other contacts, pursuant to guidance issued by the Cayman Islands Government and the firm’s own policies. Protocols have been established for any business which must be done in-person, of which we will advise clients where necessary.

For further details regarding the above, or to reach one of the firm’s professionals, please use the options available on this website if you are not already in direct contact with us.